Rodeo Deserves One Cent Per Gallon

July 2022

The Rodeo Phillips 66 Refinery’s Rodeo Renewed Project was recently approved by the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors, to produce “renewable diesel”, a biofuel substitute for petroleum diesel. 

The Contra Costa Board of Supervisors voted to approve the Land Use permit for this project in May 2022, with a condition of approval. A Community Benefits Package is required to be negotiated with interested parties, on the dollar amount and how to spend it. This is intended to be compensation for Rodeo citizens for the probable increase in emissions, smells, and noise. 

This Phillips 66 project is massively subsidized by State and Federal credits, which is giving P66, $3.32/gallon produced. We, at Rodeo Citizens’ Association, suggest that our negotiations ask for one penny per gallon produced. in that case, Phillips 66 will still receive up to $3.31 from the State, and Rodeo will have an investment for our community assets. We must ask, how is this Community Benefits agreement going to benefit the community of Rodeo?

Rodeo Citizens Association (RCA) Advocates for Our Community

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Some Details about P66 “Renew Rodeo” Project

The “Renew Rodeo” project means P66 will be refining renewable diesel from soybean oil, used cooking oil, or rendered beef tallow in a process similar to refining standard diesel fuel from petroleum. The process needs a huge supply of refinery-made hydrogen in a massive vessel under high temperatures and high pressure to “crack” or breakdown the oil or beef tallow for processing. 

The needed refinery hydrogen is made from natural gas, which emits a large amount of carbon dioxide (its “carbon footprint”), and much more hydrogen is used per barrel in the renewable diesel process than in a petroleum refining process.

Rodeo is a Disadvantaged Community

Rodeo is recognized by the State of California as a “disadvantaged community”. This means that there are high burdens on its citizen for poverty, pollution and various disease conditions, such as asthma, cancer and low-birthweight deliveries. One alarming statistic is that Rodeo has around three times the emergency medical call rate, per capita, compared to the adjacent city, Hercules. 

Many decades ago, downtown Rodeo was respectable, if not vibrant, with a movie theater and restaurants. Now, however, it is an eyesore with closed businesses and no food stores or bank. And visually, downtown Rodeo is one of the most blighted places in Contra Costa County. 

However, one thing that Rodeo has a surplus of, is its proud people and a core of citizens willing to fight for justice, especially for the community’s children. 

We of the Rodeo Citizens Association, are calling for a full “one-cent per gallon” community benefits agreement (out of the refinery’s $3.32 per gallon subsidies) and we hope you support us in this.

We believe this would be a productive partnership between the refinery and the community in which they operate their facility.  

This amount of money is substantial, up to $12 million per year, and could help to transform Rodeo into a town in which the children can thrive in and where the refinery owners can productively partner with its citizens in a true and concerted “renewal” process. 

A significant Community Benefits Agreement such as One-Cent Per Gallon could include: 

· Parks and Rec contributions to the Lefty Gomez Field, the Rodeo Baseball Association, and the new Community Garden/public pool project

· Increase Sheriff Protection by funding resident deputy/deputies dedicated to Rodeo 

· Fully funded Fire Department (the Rodeo-Hercules FD, not CC County’s ConFire)

· Bayo Vista Health Center/Lifelong Medical Care fully staffed and operating (currently only open on M-W-F and just in the afternoons)

· Community Center Facility, staffed to serve

· Senior Center Facility, staffed to serve with activities and meals 

· Town Plaza (for real this time!)

· Care for the unhoused/homeless population

· Grants for Small Businesses, new and existing; Grants for Education; Grants for Environmental Community projects; Grants for other Community Projects

· Industry training and Adult Education 

· Marina Development that preserves environment and provides recreation opportunity

“P66 wants a State-of-the-Art refinery,

Make Rodeo a State-of-the-Art Town”