Rodeo Citizens Association

The Rodeo Citizens Association (RCA) was first established in the early 1980s. As a non-profit organization we are devoted to issues concerning the unincorporated community of Rodeo, California. Our primary purpose is to address local concerns to  health, safety and the environment.

Rodeo Deserves 1¢ per Gallon

Recently it has come to our attention that Phillips 66 and Contra Costa County have quietly negotiated a community benefit agreement to be distributed to Rodeo by the County. While we applaud the goals of the refinery and County’s annual community benefit package, we do not believe that amount provides nearly enough funding for Rodeo to make a real dent in helping to alleviate the towns legacy of poverty and governmental neglect. As Phillips 66 is likely to be awarded credits of up to $3 billion per year, one-cent per gallon to Rodeo would help fund a more generous, realistic and urgently needed community benefit package. At one penny per gallon, the yearly amount could total $12 million towards the community… READ MORE and Fill out our Survey.